Our Mission

Hearts & Hammers was founded to provide renovations for locals in need with mobility challenges. There are many people in our city that live in homes that are not suited to their accessibility needs, whether it be due to illness, injury, or disability. We are dedicated to undertaking at least one major home renovation each year, as well as supporting smaller community efforts.

We look to local Calgarians to nominate their friends, family members, or neighbours who are in need. Through your nominations, we can make our city a better place to live.

Our aim is to create living environments that are safe and nurturing, that allow those with mobility challenges to live independently for as long as possible, and to reduce the burden on our health care system.

Our Values


To nurture, grow and inspire, everyone needs a safe home that provides for their specific needs. Unfortunately, many Calgarians live without these basic necessities and we are striving to help them.


We believe that proper living starts in a proper environment - one that allows the freedom, safety and ability to learn and explore. Living in a positive home environment will allow people to live each day happily, freely, and with the desire to pay it forward.


By gathering a strong community of like-minded and generous people, we can foster an ever growing and selfless culture both in Calgary and its communities.


In a growing city such as Calgary, our work does not end with a finished project. We hope to find the same feeling of wellbeing that we have in all of our fellow Calgarians. From the suppliers and corporate benefactors, to the locals in and around the communities we help, we hope to inspire those around us to join us in realizing our goal.


Though we are focused on helping out our local Calgary, we are hoping to always be growing, changing and adapting. We aim to gather more people to our cause, helping more people every year and growing within ourselves to the benefit of everyone around us.